Hello there person who never reads my Blogs. If you have found this and read it through you deserve to have found Bitcoins instead, for it is a rare sighting to see anyone here.

Today’s rant?!?

People suck. They Literally suck the good out of you. The creative out of you, the artistic soul out of you.

For years I been reaching out to people who I would love to collaborate with because I see the passion and believe in them but everyone who replies never is one hundred percent ready to be on another level. Everyone wants to live on social media like rock stars but when it’s time to get to work they expect you to put everything in as if you’re time, talents and gear is not the most valuable of all.

Family members want you to capture special moments in their lives, neighbors knock on your door for impromptu prom pictures, local artist want you to come to their album release party to capture the event… FOR FREE.

With that said all they want is to consume you. They don’t care the degree of skills of the final product, they just want 3 hours of double tapping notifications , some shares and likes and generic comments, after they get that satisfaction they are done, you and your passion, disposable.

In my mind I figured if I offer some free work then they’ll get eager and challenge for who gets the opportunity to receive my gift, not that I’m Gawds gift to mankind but as an artist one likes to be appreciated, seeked for and acknowledged.

I had an accident a month back, broke my foot, no one cared, broke the majority of my gear, no one cared, had to result to editing instead of capturing which is my passion and source of income in order to make ends meet and buy new gear no one cared.

But I Survived.

Gathered enough for new gear, the lastest and best. No one cares.

Offered to assist anyone with a talent with some visuals or stills package, no one cared to follow the rules. I wanted to see what the talents were, why should I take my time and new purchases and use them on said person… No one cared to submit the requested methods, all I received were the typical suck the soul out of me, consume me and throw it away disposable request of  “Me” and “pick me” without showing me how our collaboration will be magical.

This is draining.

I’m going to just do me, nothing else shall be free but my spirit to capture things I want with time, other than that…