Let me start this off by saying that I appreciate everyone who “Loved” my “Old” work and for the constant support by “Likes” and “Double Tapping Hearts” I been blessed upon in the past, but I no longer feel the need to measure my visuals by the amount of views or tapping something I share gets.

for example, look at this…

My work has been “Liked” 59,000 times, but not once have I been hired via Facebook “Friends”.

Can you believe 59,000 likes and not one single person has ever hired me via facebook?

Yet I have done lots of FREE work VIA FACEBOOK!

I’ve done countless amount of free, networking, collaboration, charitable work.
I have done the whole lets give everyone a new profile picture shoot, I’ve done the free maternity shoots, The Hope photo thing for those who have never had a proper picture taken for the holidays, I’ve done the help the local young Rapper get his visual game up so they can get noticed, The whole “Model” needs a free trade for work portfolio update, I also done the networking and collaboration with other video-graphers and photographers in which I have shown them the ropes and then everyone forgets you.

People who I have helped have gone to become published photographers, Award winning music video shooters, Models have gone on to reality TV shows and cosmetic branding and high fashion houses and they all started with me and networking, in hope the favor could be returned one day or so has been my wishful thinking…

But no one owes you anything and it finally made me realize that I need a whole new outlook.

So this is the reason I myself as an Artist and the whole site is going through a whole new revitalization, I finally woke up from the pretend “Goal” Facade of how I should display my work, I no longer am just going to post event work for particular clients, Giving them life via my art and then sitting on the sidelines as they become famous and forget you, I am not sour about a persons rise, I take pride in knowing that I have helped a person reach a certain goal, I don’t need to ride in their glory, But we all do strive for recognition and to be given word of mouth to others so we can continue to express ourselves via our work, which is how I helped these people get there in the first place.

But I won’t allow this anymore.

In fact I will no longer post things I am working on with third parties unless they pay for the blog post space, So since money cancels all obligation just pay me for my worth. If you want exposure pay me for my worth.

With business content out the way and that said, On my site I will no longer censor my souls voice just to please other peoples perceptions of visual goals, like on what I must post or how to share on a MY OWN site.

This is the reason the site looks broken down (currently) and missing its once packed with “Celebrity / Entertainment” content. I still will be posting all type of artist work, concerts and events content but not to the degree I used to, Ill leave that to that persons Instagram, unless again they PAY ME MY WORTH TO BLOG.

I now will use this here ‘lil site of mine for more of my Vlogs, Blogs and Rants…
A diary of some sort, I will share my family pictures, my gardening, D.I.Y. projects, more of my PERSONAL life and just an everything in my life type page.

The proper buttons will be in the menu for my clients work or personal post.

Their is no reason to hide the things I enjoy for example: my family and gardening content on one page and another for client portraits. I am me, as an artist you will get all of me, if you are that interested in hating or stalking my page for gossip and drama, I’m making it easy for you all.

I of course will have a section for the artist works that I am working on, but with one click you can also read on my day to day post. Makes sense?

Well eventually it will if you so desire to stick around my page.

For example, Look I fractured my wrist!
Fuck me right?!?!

Fractured my hand, AGAIN!

No Censoring, no taboos, just blunt honest ‘ol me, and look it had nothing to do with cinema or celebrities. Just me and my broken wrist.

Why should I have to hide my life shares of the things I enjoy like lets say…
my love for gardening Okra?…


Why must I only display only beautiful images of other peoples kids all retouched?
Why not the snotty running nose of my own children if that is what I want to display?

*Setting goals for other peoples praise?

*Displaying work and putting other people on pedestals?

*Always thinking how will this be perceived? is this along the lines of what other videographers are doing?

*Will other photographers appreciate this photo and put me on a pedestal too?

Anyways… Kill that noise!
From here on out, I am posting whatever the hell I like, this is not a gallery, this is my site, my life, my work.

I hope you subscribe and if so feel the need to comment on here please do so as this will be the easiest way to interact with me other than Facebook which I am beginng to get away from sharing creative content wise as it is liked for a couple of hours then fades into the abyss.

Stay tuned.